Planting Hope:Building a Greener Tomorrow

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to sow the seeds of change, foster conservation, and nurture the potential of both the land and its future horizons. Join us in exploring this transformative journey and becoming an integral part of our endeavor.

Welcome to a transformative journey fuelled by action and purpose.

Our approach goes beyond tree planting, focusing on sustainability and collaboration. We collaborate closely with local authorities to identify degraded lands, then mobilize dedicated project teams to create and implement long-term, financially sustainable initiatives. These efforts often bring direct benefits to local communities, creating a win-win for the environment and its inhabitants


To create a better life for all by contributing to a greener Earth


To contribute to a greener Earth through long-term, sustainable groundwork projects in partnership with local authorities & communities

Tasik Berombak @ Tanah Bencah, Setiu Wetland.

Formerly the largest coastal freshwater wetland in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, this area is now enveloped by a palm oil plantation. Its current state calls for us to join hands and mend what has been lost.

Stand Together with Us.

Time is of the essence. Let’s take meaningful steps now to protect our environment. Together, we can make a lasting impact before it’s too late.

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Join hands with us to champion our planet's cause. Your contribution fuels vital solutions for pressing environmental issues.



Make a difference by adopting a tree and expanding the Melaleuca Forest in Terengganu. Your support counts. Be a part of this imperative initiative.

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Your time matters. Stand with us in preserving nature's harmony. By volunteering, you become an essential voice for our planet's well-being.



Our internship offers a chance to amplify your impact, addressing urgent environmental concerns. Join us and make your mark.

Be the seed of change.

Take action now. Together, we can make a difference before it’s too late.