Building Sustainable Initiatives

Over the years, we’ve seen ESG initiatives falter due to execution issues or inconsistent sponsor support. Our projects span 5 to 30 years, prioritizing sustainability from the start. We build on a solid foundation of meticulous planning, continuous monitoring, and fine-tuning. Diverse funding sources, including CSR funds, corporate sponsorships, government grants, donations, carbon credits, and project-generated profits, sustain our work, securing its long-term success.

Environmental (E)

Positive impact to environment

Social (S)

Contribute positively to society & social economy Governance

Governance (G)

Trail of activities commitment that can be audited for compliance

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives have taken centre stage in the corporate world. Governments, securities exchanges, and multinational companies worldwide have imposed strict requirements and compliance standards for ESG initiatives. While the terms “Environmental,” “Social,” and “Governance” seem simple, many organisations struggle to implement meaningful ESG initiatives. In essence, a worthwhile ESG initiative should encompass three factors: environmental impact, positive contributions to society and the social economy, and a commitment that can be audited for compliance. We are committed to executing initiatives that meet all three criteria.

Seedlings to Plant per Week
Trees to Plant in a Year
Months of Seedlings Preparation
Let's Do Groundwork.

At Benua Hijau, we believe that true environmental and social sustainability goes beyond words; it’s about taking action on the ground. Numerous enterprises support ESG initiatives through financial means, yet our distinctive pride lies in our proactive approach to environmental and social sustainability. We understand that meaningful change is driven by tangible, hands-on efforts.

Tree planting is the culmination of months of preparation. To plant 50,000 trees annually, we maintain a continuous supply of 1,000 young trees ready for planting every week over 50 weeks. This journey, from nursery seedling to tree planting, spans up to 12 months, representing a continuous cycle of nurturing, growth, and planting.

We believe that taking action on the ground is the most effective way to contribute positively to the environment. Our involvement includes identifying degraded land, species selection, nursery establishment, and culminates in tree planting. We prioritise biodiversity and community involvement. We will only proceed with a project if we can confirm that it will create a quantifiably positive impact on biodiversity and the surrounding community.

To ensure long-term sustainability, we plan projects to last from 5 to 30 years. Proper planning, anticipation, and continuous execution monitoring are key. Sustainable funding sources include CSR funds, corporate sponsorships, government grants, donations, carbon credits, and project-generated profits.